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I am Marilyn Nieves, owner of sportsgys.com. I started this awesome website to share my thought or knowledge about the sports category and to give out helpful information. Here, some important and crucial information about the author of this website.

  • I have 3 years experience in tennis and bowling game.
  • I am also a trainer at bowling and tennis game.
  • Train these sports students per day at around 100.
  • Currently, I teach people who need tennis and bowling game tips and tricks.

I started tennis and bowling games when my age was 12. I tried my level best to teach them. First, 1-year is a hard time for me because I don’t play for my injury. I missed so many important sport elements, which made me strong enough for these sports.

I don’t want that you make the same mistake and affect your body. You may also know that sports are a hobby. So, follow the website to get tips, tricks, product information, product reviews, comprehension, and other information.

Moreover, tennis is a wonderful game, but you may also need a mentor who always supports you, and I think this website helps you a lot about this matter. I am playing tennis for nearly 3-years, and I think you need so many techniques to improve your game.

So, stay tuned with sportsgys.com to get pro tips and tricks to get the best result. I also train so many tennis players and they also playing well. So, this website is truly important for a beginner, intermediate, and pro player.

Generally, I don’t take any personal information from you. So, if you think that you are not safe, then you are wrong. I have a team to maintain this website, and we extremely protect your privacy, and your privacy is also important for us.

Our team members also collect lots of data, and we always talk about experience tennis players so that we can provide you best information. So, you can always get the best information from our website, and all are real-life examples.

One of our team members always focuses that the information and content are suitable for all of the persons. We believe that our content is suitable for all people, and we don’t use any violation content or information that harms you.

What next? We are always ready to provide up-to-date information to get the most updated information about the tennis game. Overall, you can visit our website safely and collect the data for your needs without any issues.

I hope that you can understand whatever I say to you about this about us page. However, if you want to contact us, you can fill-up the form and contact us without hassles. Or you can also contact me to follow the below social media.

However, you can also E-mail us. Our official E-mail is [email protected] Stay with us and enjoy your tennis game and improve your tennis game.

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