7 Best Tennis Racquet for Counter Punchers [Our Top Pick]

best tennis racket for counter punchers

Choosing the right racket which is suitable for your technique in a tennis game is truly much important. If you are a counter puncher player, then you should consider the best tennis racket for counter punchers to improve the performance

Is it easy to find out the right rackets for counter punchers on the market in 2021? The straightforward answer is not; it is tricky to find out the best one. Don’t worry, I already selected a list of top-rated tennis rackets which help you to get everything for your counter punchers.

What Are the Best Tennis Racquet for Counter Punchers?

Choosing the right tennis racket that matching the technology may be a crucial and hard task. I collected this list based on pro tennis players’ recommendations and my own tested rackets. So, let’s take a quick view to clear your confusion and choose the best one.

  1. BEST OVERALL: Babolat Pure Aero Tennis Racket for Counter Punchers
  2. Best editor choice: Wilson Clash 100 Tour Unstrung Tennis Racquet
  3. Best beginner, intermediate, and advanced players: YONEX EZONE 98 (305G) Tennis Racquet
  4. Best for the high technical game: Wilson Pro Staff 97 v13 Tennis Racquet
  5. Best for perfect strung: HEAD Graphene Touch Radical Pro Tennis Racket
  6. Best for comfort: Wilson Clash 100 Tennis Racquet
  7. Best for multiple sizes: HEAD Graphene 360+ Speed PRO Tennis Racquet

Top-rated Tennis Racket for Counter Puncher Comparison Table

In this table, you will get some quick and core information about the products which help you a lot to compare each of the products find out the best racket for you. So, let’s check out the following product list and their information.

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Product Reviews of Counter Punchers Tennis Racket (With Best Strings for Counter Puncher)

Products review always play a vital role in choosing the right one. This product reviews information I collected from the web, testing a racket, pro players recommendations, customer reviews, and ratings, etc. So, I strongly believe that this article helps you a lot to choose a top-rated tennis racket.

1. Babolat Pure Aero Tennis Racket for Counter Punchers

Babolat Pure Aero Tennis Racket for Counter Punchers

This is one of the best tennis rackets now on the market, which used maximum pro players. It is also called Rafael Nadal’s tennis racket. Moreover, Babolat is a popular brand, and this unit comes with upgrade features that truly provide excellent performance for technical players.

The racket is suitable for advanced and intermediate players who want to perform better in their counter punches. It is also known as one of the best tennis rackets for attacking players. So, if you want to improve your serve consistency and other techniques, I highly recommend you collect this tennis racket.

The graphite frame of this tennis racket comes with perfect weight and size, which provides its users play much better than others. On the other hand, the size of this tennis racket is 4 1/4, which is standard to follow.

Furthermore, its grip size is 4 1/4, which may be perfect for both forehand and backhand players. If you don’t love its default grip and don’t find comfort, then you can also change the grip without losing the beauty of its grip.

It is a little more arm-friendly which easily accesses you and provides you maximum comfort in your elbow. On the other hand, the tech comes from a partnership with SMAC, a long-standing company, and makes tennis rackets awesome.

Overall, this tennis racket provides super-powerful shots and allows the users to control the power easily. Note, you won’t get any shoulder problems even you are continuously playing in your game.

Highlighted Features:

  • The racket enhance the game with lots of power and spin.
  • It is a really light and strong racket.
  • Easy to control the power and improve the serving consistency.
  • Very user-friendly racket.
  • It is suitable for both technical and non-technical game.

2. Wilson Clash 100 Tour Unstrung Tennis Racquet

Wilson Clash 100 Tour Unstrung Tennis Racquet

This is another top-rated and leading tennis racket specially design for reducing swing so that you can make yourself a counter puncher. No doubt, Wilson is a popular brand, and this Wilson Clash 100 tour is one of the best creations of Wilson.

Its freeflex allows the frame to bend in an all-new dimension for maximum ball pocketing and ultimate control of the power. With these features, you can also use this racket as an attacking player without any issues.

You may be happy to know that its StableSmart creates a unique frame of geometry which most of the pro-level tennis rackets used to get the best performance. Overall, the technology and materials make this unit durable and a high-performer.

Furthermore, the racket comes with unstrung function. The unstrung has 30CM/14 pts HL balance which is enough to make performance well on the match. Note, the racket is also suitable for intermediate and advance players to play well.

No doubt, it is a durable tennis racket. The racket is used carbon fiber and graphite materials. These two materials make this tennis racket light and easily take a powerful shot. As a counter puncher, you just need to take the shots most powerfully.

So, what do you want else from this tennis racket to play as a counter puncher? I think it is also suitable for you to play well in your tennis game.

Highlighted Features:

  • The graphite and fiber materials made this unit durable.
  • It is a compact, lightweight, and versatile racket.
  • The advanced technology makes the head with unique geometry.
  • You can get the ultimate power control facility.
  • it produces less vibration and swing to make performance better.

3. YONEX EZONE 98 (305G) Tennis Racquet

YONEX EZONE 98 (305G) Tennis Racquet

Are you searching for the best tennis racket for flat hitters or counter punches? Then YONEX may be one of the best rackets for you. Why do I tell you that this unit is the best option for you? Well, let me provide you the detailed information.

The racket is designed for beginner, intermediate, and advanced players. So, your age or skill doesn’t matter to use this racket. On the other hand, the racket is perfect for both technical and non-technical persons.

Like the above popular tennis racket, this unit also comes with graphite materials. But it only used graphite material, and you don’t find any other material. Whatever this material made this unit durable, light, and perfect frame to get a better experience.

Furthermore, you may be happy to hear that the racket comes with a changeable grip, and the grip size is perfect 4 3/8 for a technical person. So, if you think you need a more comfortable grip with a sweat-proof grip, you can easily change the grip.

Overall, the racket helps the players control their power and take the perfect shots. But the warranty and manufacturer support are not clear enough, so you just need to be clear about the warranty before buying this racket.

Highlighted Features:

  • It only comes with graphite material to make performance better and durable facility.
  • You can use it for both technical and non-technical.
  • No need for any skill level to operate this tennis racket.
  • The grip is removable and easy usable.
  • You will get long-time support from this tennis racket.

4. Wilson Pro Staff 97 v13 Tennis Racquet

Wilson Pro Staff 97 v13 Tennis Racquet

This Wilson Pro Staff 97 V13 is a popular face in the tennis community because of its high technical facilities. Why is this tennis racket so popular among the pro tennis lover? Well, let’s check out the following section to clear your confusion.

Though this tennis racket is designed for advanced players, intermediate players also use this tennis racket without any hassles. Moreover, it is only for technical play such as serve, volley, attacking, counter punchers, and defensive players.

It is used graphite and aramid materials which made this unit light, compact, and powerful rackets. Moreover, the compact shape and lightweight features help you easily portable the product from one place to another.

You may be happy to hear that this racket included all of the features you need to carry the racket from one country to another. Overall, its 45 braid construction arranges double braids that provide you 45-degrees angle shots.

The modern design of this unit gives the nod to classic Pro staff heritage with a black plastic base. The vibration-reducing technology helps this racket reduce vibration and provides the users to get one of the best performances.

According to my experience, around 90% of pro tennis players advise using this tennis racket to make performance better on the court. So, are you ready to buy this component to play with counter punch?

Highlighted Features:

  • It is easy to use and carry from one country to another.
  • Used vibration-reducing technology to reduce the vibration.
  • The materials and technology made this unit durable and got the best performance.
  • You can easily take a 45-degrees angle shot.
  • The modern look and shape provides maximum comfort.

5. HEAD Graphene Touch Radical Pro Tennis Racket

HEAD Graphene Touch Radical Pro Tennis Racket

If you are searching for one of the best tennis rackets for aggressive baseliner, then this unit is one of the best deals for you. HEAD is a popular name in the tennis industry especially popular for technical tennis rackets.

The new innovative technology made this unit perfect for intermediate and professional players. With this technology, the users can take more shock absorption, which is capable of giving the users a great amount of touch without composing control and power.

It is a versatile weapon for a counter puncher. However, the measurement of this unit is length 27 head size, 98-weight, 10.9 0z strung, 11.4 balance, and other measurements are perfect for a technical player.

Furthermore, the product allows you to use this tennis racket for a long-time because of its solid construction and perfect materials. Its head is made with graphite materials, allowing you to play a technical match without a single issue.

Unlike the above tennis rackets, this unit comes at a very affordable price. If your price is below 150 USD, then you can go for this tennis racket. So, why are you delay best this tennis racket on Amazon?

Highlighted Features:

  • The users found it fully strung and perfect oz weight of strung.
  • The grip allows the users to hold even the game is continued comfortably.
  • The new technology allows the users to control and power perfectly.
  • It is a very affordable tennis racket.
  • Of course, it is a versatile tennis racket not only for technical use.

6. Wilson Clash 100 Tennis Racquet

Wilson Clash 100 Tennis Racquet

When you are searching for a quality strung tennis racket for your tennis match, then Wilson Clash 100 may fulfill your demand to play the match very comfortably and fast step to success on the game.

The Clash 100 is built for advanced and intermediate players, which means you need any skill to operate this tennis racket. On the other hand, it is a top-class tennis racket that provides its users maximum control and flexibility.

However, the measurement of this unit is 4 1/4″ size and 4-1/4 grip size. This size and new advanced technology provide you play a technical match and perform better than your opponent. You can also choose your own size tennis racket.

Like the above tennis rackets, it comes with graphite materials and used advanced machine technology to use them for a long time. No doubt, it is a durable tennis racket because of its strong built-in quality and materials.

So, what do you think about choosing this unit or not? According to my experience, it is also a choice for pro persons. So many pro tennis players use this tennis racket for serve and volley, counter puncher, and other technical uses.

Highlighted Features:

  • It is easy to use and truly perfect for arm.
  • Good and excellent power and control with any playing conditions.
  • On the other hand, it is perfect for the wrist because of its short power.
  • The string of this unit is perfect for a technical game.
  • It comes with advanced technology and solid materials for durability.

7. HEAD Graphene 360+ Speed PRO Tennis Racquet

HEAD Graphene 360+ Speed PRO Tennis Racquet

This HEAD Graphene 360+ speed pro tennis racket has constantly pushed athletic equipment in the modern era. It is one of the best options for advance, intermediate, or adult players who are recently learning the technical steps especially counter punchers.

On the other hand, it is a traditional tennis racket which is also perfect for serious tennis players. So, if you think that you have these anyone skills and are serious about a technical tennis game, you will get this product without any issues.

This unit was made with graphite materials and spiralfiber technology, which made this unit truly much better than some other tennis racket. With great features and performance, you will also use this tennis racket for a long-time.

Overall, you will discover 5 different sizes of a tennis racket. So, age and skill don’t matter because of customer choice. However, this unit size is 4-1/8-inch, and the grip size of this tennis racket is 4 1/8 inches which provides you best performance.

Highlighted Features:

  • This unit is perfect for playing 360-degrees angles without any issues.
  • It is a technical tennis racket with a traditional racket option.
  • The product is capable of controlling and powering easily.
  • Its materials are waterproof and lasting to use.
  • You can instantly move and take the shot without any hassles.

What Should You Consider to Choose the Best Defense or Counter Punchers Tennis Racket?

Before buying a perfect tennis racket, you should consider some important things such as durability, power control, comfort, technology, and other things. Whatever I only discuss here are the core factors which you need to consider to choose the best one. So, let’s talk about them.


Durability is an important part of choosing the right tennis racket. When you are a counter puncher, you may understand how much durability a tennis racket should be made. Choosing a durable tennis racket, you just need to choose high-quality materials (graphite, aluminum, metal) so that you can choose one of the best tennis rackets for your technique.


Technical tennis rackets (serve and volley, flat hitters, counter punchers and attacking players rackets) may be different than normal tennis rackets. They used to advance and powerful technology to make the perfect and technical shots to win the matches without any hassles. So, try to choose new innovations and other advanced technology.

Versatile to Use

You may always don’t want to play technical matches. Am I right? If your answer is no, then you need to collect a versatile tennis racket that helps you to play both technical and non-technical tennis matches. You may check out the Wilson Clash 100 Tour Unstrung Tennis Racquet to use as a versatile tennis racket.


Sometimes you may need to play the tennis game for a long-time without any break, which may be harmful to your elbow, wrist, and hand. If you choose a tennis racket that comes with maximum comfort, you can choose a comfortable tennis racket, which may help you play longer without any comfort issues.

Power Control

I strongly believe that power control tennis rackets are better than other technical tennis rackets. A tennis player needs to choose a power control tennis racket. I always recommend you to choose a tennis racket which comes with a power control option.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: What is the best tennis racket for intermediate players?

A: If you want to choose the best tennis racket for intermediate players, then you can check out the above list rackets list. However, I would love to recommend you choose Wilson Pro Staff 97 v13 Tennis Racquet for an intermediate player to get the best performance.

Q: Who is the most aggressive tennis player?

A: Roger Federer is one of the most aggressive tennis players nowadays in the tennis industry. No doubt, he is the player who plays with the most aggressive tennis, and I didn’t not any other like him to play well.

So, What Should You Buy?

If you are a true counter and puncher player, then you may know that how much important to play well in this technique. Most pro players have two things such as skill and the right racket to play well.

However, if you are still confused about choosing the best one for you, you will let me know the following comment box to provide you the best suggestion.

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