6 Best Tennis Racket for Left Handers in 2022 [Reviews & Buying Guides]

best tennis racket for left handers

A left-handed person always gets some extra advantages over a right-handed person. Perfect size and position tennis racket may add more advantages for a left-handed player. But, you may know that choosing the best tennis racket for left handers is a very small amount on the market.

A survey shows that nearly 10% of tennis players are lefty. That’s why the perfect and top-rated tennis rackets for left-handed people find out is much tricky. But, you should not worry because I collected 6 top-rated tennis rackets which are specially built for left-handed persons. So, let’s started the content right now.

What Are the Best Tennis Racket for Left Handers?

I make a quick list for you based on customer reviews, ratings, old users’ experience, and tested from my team. These tennis rackets are the best ones for left-handers, but right-handers also used the rackets. So, let’s check out the quick list.

  1. Best of overall: Babolat Pure Aero Tennis Racket for Left-Hander
  2. Best of editor choice: Wilson PRO Staff 97 Countervail Tennis Racket
  3. Best for control, power, and spin: Babolat Pure Drive Plus Tennis Racquet
  4. Best for beginners to advance: Wilson Blade 98 16×19 V6.0 Tennis Racquet
  5. Best for durable: Yonex VCORE 95 Tennis Racquet
  6. Best for recreational: Wilson Adult Recreational Tennis Racket

Comparison Table to Left-Handers Tennis Rackets

Are you ready to compare each of the products and find out the best one from them? If your answer is yes, then the following table may help you a lot. This table was made based on customers reviews, ratings, thoughts, and my own tested experience.

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What Is the Best Left-Handed tennis Grip?

According to my research, left-hand players need to choose 4 1/2, 4 3/8, or 4 1/8 inches grip size to get the best experience. If you think that the grip size is not perfect for you, then you need to choose a custom grip size. Note, you just need to choose the right grip size if you want to avoid injuries.

3 Tips for Improving Left-Handed Forehand

Product Reviews of Top 6 Tennis Racket of Left-Handers

Now, it is time to review each of the products which I collected for you. You will get each of the real-life information, which helps you a lot to choose the best one. However, without delay, let’s review the left-handed tennis rackets right now.

1. Babolat Pure Aero Tennis Racket for Left-Hander

Babolat Pure Aero Tennis Racket for Left-Hander

According to lefty Rafael Nadal, a lefty player must use a left-handed tennis racket to get perfect spin and power. Babolat Pure Aero is a tennis racket specially built for lefty players and gets high-performance.

It is perfect for beginners, intermediate, and advanced players. So, if you are a new person and lefty, then this tennis racket may bring revelatory change in your game. On the other hand, the size of this unit is 4 1/2, and the grip size of this unit is 4 1/2, which is perfect for a left-hander.

Furthermore, the driving force for the Aero series is the Aeromodular beam construction which helps the racket drag less wind and take a perfect shot which provides you with the opponent. You can play long-time with this racket because of its arm-friendly contact.

You may be happy to hear that this unit used an advanced partnership with SMAC technology that allows the users to get along company to play well without any hassles. However, let’s talk about its materials and other conditions.

It is made with a carbon fiber body and graphite frame, which provides you with excellent performance. With these materials and solid construction, you will get this unit a durable and hassle-free user experience. So, what do you want else from this unit as a left-hander?

Highlighted Features:

  • It is Rafael Nadal choice tennis rackets because of the best performance.
  • Made with carbon fiber and graphite to get durable and better performance.
  • The product is capable of dragging the wind and taking a perfect shot.
  • You will discover multiple sizes and grip sizes.
  • It is specially build for left persons to use.

2. Wilson PRO Staff 97 Countervail Tennis Racket

Wilson PRO Staff 97 Countervail Tennis Racket

This is another top-rated and leading tennis racket that is built for left-handers. A left-hander gets everything from this component. According to my experience, this tennis racket is using so many pro-left-hand players to their game because of best performance.

The measurement of this unit is 97 sq head size and 27-inch length, which is enough for beginner, intermediate, and advanced persons. If I count the age, then the racket should be used for up to 10-years old lefty players.

On the other hand, the size of this tennis racket is -4 1/4, and the grip size is 4 1/4″, which is enough to play a technical and non-technical match. You can play serve and volley with this tennis racket and play with this racket as a flat hitter.

This Wilson PRO Staff 97 tennis racket is built with graphite material which is light and sturdy. However, these graphite materials help you easily move fast, slow in the wind, and take the perfect shot.

Overall, it is an unstrung, powerful racket. You will get both strung and unstrung with this unit. Moreover, it is capable of reducing vibration and sound. Whatever, you can also control the power without a single issue. As a left-hander, you can also use this tennis racket to get the best performance.

Highlighted Features:

  • Perfect head and length size for up to 10-years old left persons.
  • It is capable of reducing the vibration and easily taking the shots.
  • Perfect for both technical and non-technical tennis matches.
  • You can control the power and also get the perfect spin.
  • Comes with both strung and unstrung.

3. Babolat Pure Drive Plus Tennis Racquet

Babolat Pure Drive Plus Tennis Racquet

Are you ready to try this new brand tennis racket as a left-handed? If you are ready, then you can check out this product description to get a clear concept. However, it is suitable for both left and right-handed persons.

However, the extended length of this tennis racket provides the users to get more power and spin than its standard version. You may also know that Babolat always provides the users easily control of the power and get less vibration to take a deep shot.

Featuring FSI power technology with a diamond shape that allows the users to win the match very professionally. When I talked about counter puncher rackets, I found this unit for left-hander because of the shape and construction, and the manufacturer recommends it for left-handed persons.

Like the above models, this tennis racket is also made with graphite material to be portable from one place to another place easily. On the other hand, its lightweight feature helps you to move fast and slow to play much better.

But I don’t like the default grip because of its sweat condition. When you are playing continuously, it may be sweaty in your hand. So, if you want to buy a tennis racket, you should change the grip and use a comfortable grip without thinking anymore.

Highlighted Features:

  • Best for any kind of ages player.
  • The materials and construction made this unit durable.
  • FSI power technology helps the product produce more string.
  • It is a very light and compact product for portable one place to next place.
  • You don’t need to apply any extra things to use this unit.

4. Wilson Blade 98 16×19 V6.0 Tennis Racquet

Wilson Blade 98 16×19 V6.0 Tennis Racquet

Wilson is a popular brand in the tennis industry, and you may know that how much popular this brand is among tennis players. However, let’s discuss in detail this tennis racket to clear your confusion.

Though the tennis racket does have not clear information from the manufacturer, you will still get the core and basic information. Most of the expert players believe that this unit is perfect for power and control.

On the other hand, the measurement of this tennis racket is 98-inch head size and 19-inch length. The length is perfect for up to 7-years old persons. So, if the players are left-handed and beginners who are age up to 7-years old, then it is perfect for them.

Like the above Babolat tennis racket, this unit grip is also not much better. If your hand is always sweaty when playing, I highly recommend you change the grip to get maximum comfort and the best users experience.

Overall, I think it is a medium quality tennis racket, but it is perfect when I compare the price with this racket. No doubt, you will get the best performance in a non-technical tennis game.

Highlighted Features:

  • 98-inch head size to play well on the court.
  • The color of this unit is much better and never become discolors.
  • Easy to use and provides maximum comfort in your arm.
  • No doubt, it is a durable tennis racket.
  • You can also carry this tennis racket outside of the country.

5. Yonex VCORE 95 Tennis Racquet

Yonex VCORE 95 Tennis Racquet

Though this Yonex VCORE 95 tennis racket is not much popular, I strongly believe that this tennis racket is one of the best options for left-hand players. It is not only perfect for the position, but also you will get everything from this component.

It is used graphite materials, both frame, and head, which helps the users a lightweight facility. With this material, you will use this racket for a long-time without any hassles. The most interesting thing is that you can fast and slow-motion near the net.

On the other hand, the grip size of this component is 4 1/2, and the size of this tennis racket is 4 1/2. With this measurement, you can use this tennis racket for both technical and non-technical games without a single issue.

Overall, the racket is designed for left-handed people and also featured everything you want from a tennis racket. But if you want to choose a professional or pro-level tennis racket, then I recommend you to check out the above rackets.

Highlighted Features:

  • The grip and the size is perfect for up to 10-years old players.
  • The grip is very comfortable to use.
  • You will get both strings and unstring from this racket.
  • Of course, it is a durable tennis racket even heavy-duty play.
  • You can easily fast and slowly move near the net.

6. Wilson Adult Recreational Tennis Racket

Wilson Adult Recreational Tennis Racket

This is another most wanted tennis racket, which is recreational. This tennis racket is perfect for both left and right-handed persons as well as technical and non-technical matches of tennis. Overall, it is also perfect for a pro-level person.

The power frame of this unit is perfect for players to get a compact swing and shorts. On the other hand, its oversized head provides you with more forgiveness, power and control. You can also get a spin control facility which adds extra value to your game.

Moreover, the racket is the perfect choice for beginners, recreational, intermediate, and advanced players. So, if you have any skills of these skills, then you can choose this tennis racket without any kinds of issues.

There are multiple sizes I found from this tennis racket. You can also get different sizes from this unit. So, before buying this tennis racket, make sure you are choosing the right tennis grip size. I hope that this product is one of the best deals for you.

Highlighted Features:

  • Perfect for both left and right-handed persons.
  • You will discover perfect string and control of power.
  • The product is also capable of controlling the spin.
  • It produces less vibration and provides extra support.
  • Very comfortable to use.

What Should You Consider Before Buy a Top-rated Tennis Racket for Left-Handers?

Choosing the right size tennis racket for left-handers is truly tricky enough, especially for a new person. They don’t know which things they consider before buying a tennis racket as a left-hander. As a well-wisher and a left-hander, I think the following facts help you a lot to choose the best one from the market.

1. Tennis Racket Head Size for Left-Handed Players

You may know that head size means racket power. So, more head size means more power. But you should not choose an oversized head that may discomfort you. According to my experience, the head size of up to 8-years old players should be 85 to 115 SQ Inches.

However, you can also consider head size to maintain the following list.

  • Medium size: 85 to 95 SQ Inches
  • Mid-size plus: 96 to 106 SQ Inches
  • Oversized: 107 to 115 SQ Inches

2. Length of Tennis Racket

I make a beautiful tennis racket length based on the player’s age. If you want to know the quick and universal answer to your tennis racket length, then you can choose 25.5-inches to 29-inches length to get the best service. Don’t choose a much longer racket length. You should try to get the perfect length to avoid injuries.

3. Technical & Non-technical matches

Technical tennis game means to serve and volley, flat hittings, counter-punching, and others. You may know that every tennis racket does not come with a technical game. So, you should choose a tennis racket which is suitable for both technical and non-technical games.

4. Weight of Tennis Rackets

Weight is another important thing which you need to consider before buying a tennis racket for left-handers. However, most tennis rackets weigh between 300 to 370 grams. With this tennis weight, you can travel to other countries and also portable it anywhere without any issues. Most important, you can move fast and slow near the net and take perfect shots.

5. Comfortable

No one likes a discomfort tennis racket. When the tennis racket comes with discomfort grip and size, the players are disappointed, and their energy also costs a lot. You should choose a perfect grip size and comfortable grip tennis racket. Moreover, don’t forget to choose the perfect length and size tennis racket for you.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: Do lefties have an advantage in tennis?

A: A left-hander has easily opened the court and also has a position in serving. With this advantage, they can be capable of serving perfectly. On the other hand, a left player also controls the power by nearly 15% than a right-handed tennis player. Overall, they have extra advantages in the services section of the tennis game.

Q: Who is the best left-handed tennis player?

A: The answer is Rod Laver. Rod Laver is one of the best left-handed tennis players nowadays. As a left-hander, he played well than other tennis left-handed players. I hope that you may get your question answer.

Q: Are lefties better in sports?

A: There are some games worldwide that help the left-hander perform well than right-handed players. It comes naturally. Some of the sports are cricket, baseball, tennis, and table tennis. But they also need proper practice to perform well.

So, What Should You Buy?

I already have provided you with a top-rated left-handed tennis rackets list. According to my research, these rackets perform well for left-handed persons. Are you still confused to choose the best tennis racket for you as a left-handed player? If yes, I would love to recommend you a tennis racket.

Babolat Pure Aero Tennis Racket for Left-Hander is now top-rated and most popular among left-handed tennis pro players. So, why are you delay? Purchase your desire one right now.

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