Difference Between Tennis Ball and Cricket Tennis Ball in 2021

difference between tennis ball and cricket tennis ballIf by “cricket tennis ball” you mean tape tennis ball, then it has some major difference between a tennis ball and a cricket tennis ball. Generally, I am not a cricket game player, and I often play cricket because of some personal reasons. But I notice some changes between tennis balls vs. cricket tennis balls.

The major difference I found between these two different balls is “bounces.” Normally, a tennis ball is only made for a tennis game which bounces a lot than a cricket ball. Even a tennis ball pressurized (14 PSI) inside of the ball, but a cricket tennis ball is not much pressurized (Normally 8 to 10 PSI).

Difference Between Tennis Ball and Cricket Tennis Ball?

You already have known the significant difference between the two balls (tennis and cricket tennis ball). Now, I will share some other significant changes between these two balls with you so that you can easily divide them and clear your confusion.

1. Weight (Tennis ball vs. Cricket Tennis ball)

If you ever play cricket, you may notice the cricket ball is heavier than a tennis ball. A cricket tennis ball used heavy materials and used less elastic to make much bounce and stable the weight.

For this reason, tennis game is easier than cricket game. Overall, a cricket ball is durable, and you can play some extra matches than a tennis ball.

2. Electric Tape of Tennis & Cricket Ball

Generally, a tennis ball is soft and light and bounces too much, which is not good for bowling. But when the ball is covered by electric tape, it becomes heavir. On the other hand, a cricket tennis ball does not use much electric tape, and that’s why a tennis cricket ball is not much suitable to play on a tennis ground.

3. How Bing Are They?

According to International Tennis Federation, tennis balls should be maintained official diameter of 2.57″ to 2.70″. On the other hand, a cricket tennis ball diameter should be 2.80″ to 2.86″. Though these two balls size looks like same, they have still different size.

4. A Tennis Ball is Cricket Ball, But a Cricket Ball is not a Tennis Ball

For a local game, you can use a tennis ball for your cricket game which is called a taped tennis ball. But you never use a cricket tennis ball for your tennis game because it does not produce much bounce and pressurized.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: Why tennis ball is not used in cricket?

A: Though you can use a tennis ball for your cricket ball, it is not much better for you. Why? A tennis ball is lighter than a leather ball. Cricket balls are weighty because of several factors. However, a tennis ball produces extra bounce and much light, which is risky and does not maintain the ratio in ICC.

Q: Which tennis ball is good for cricket?

A: A couple of the brand around the world provides tape tennis ball that is good enough for cricket. However, you should collect a tennis ball which is heavir, low bounces, and also maintain other conditions for your cricket game.

Q: Are tennis balls heavy?

A: According to International Tennis Federation, a tennis ball’s weight is 1.975 to 2.095 ounces. Of course, a tennis ball is lighter and produces more bounces than other balls.

Final Verdict

Tennis ball Vs. Cricket tennis ball is a common debate. So many people use a tennis ball for their wrong cricket game. But in a local play, it is alright. However, you should use a tennis ball only for tennis games and cricket balls only for cricket games.

I hope that the above difference helps you to clear your confusion. So, don’t purchase the wrong ball for your game. If you have any queries, you may let me know to fill up the below comment box.

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