Grip Size of Professional Tennis Players [Choose Right Grip Size]

Grip size of professional tennis playersChoosing the right tennis racket is a truly daunting task. Besides the tennis racket, you may also face challenges in choosing the right tension and string to get better performance. Like tension, power, and strings choose the perfect way; you may also need to consider the right grip sizes, which may perfect the grip size of professional tennis players.

For a person to feel comfort, grip plays a vital role. It is perfect for comfort and perfect for continuous play, perfectly play a technical game, and a dry and perfect hand. To choose the suitable grip size for your game, you just need to follow a process that helps you to get the right grip size to get better performance. So, keep reading.

Grip Size of Professional Tennis Players

Most tennis pro players like to hold a comfy and perfect height tennis racket grip. To get the professional grip size of your tennis racket, I would love to recommend you to read out the following steps properly so that you can easily choose the professional grip size.

Most Common Tennis Grip Size (Standard Grip Size)

You may always want to choose a tennis racket which comes in a standard size. Am I right? Standard or common size grip provides maximum support to the users, and most professional players recommend going for a standard size.

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Now, you have a list of which tennis pro players use. You may see here different size because the tennis players height and the playing capability is also different. However, if you want to choose the professional grip size for you, you can read the following sections.

What Tennis Racket Grip Size Professional Players used

Finding the Correct Tennis Grip Size for You

You can easily find out the right grip size for your own to consider some steps. Generally, the tennis grip measure nearly 2 to 3 inches above the butt cap. On the other hand, a standard grip of a tennis racket is measures 1/8″ and beginning at 4″.

How to Find the Correct Grip Size (Professional)

You just need to follow three proper steps to find out the correct grip size for you. These steps are scientifically proven, and I also used the method when I will buy the best tennis racket for serve and volley and counter punchers. I think the following steps help you a lot to get the right and professional grip size.

  • Step 1: First of all, you need to pretend as you are a shaking hand with the racket. It helps you to feel real-life examples and choose a perfect grip size.
  • Step 2: There should be enough space to insert and index your finger (left finger), and another hand should be the right finger based on your thumb. Note, the finger should be capable of fitting comfortably, and you don’t force it.
  • Step 3: Whatever you should hit a ball that provides you maximum comfort and shape. You should test to hit some balls because some of the players hit perfectly in large grip size and some of the players are capable to shot with oversize grip.

Signs of Your Tennis Racket Grip Size Too Small

You may know that tennis games always demand the right grip size. However, if your tennis racket grip size is too small, then you can find the following problems such as:

  • A small racket grip provides you less control and power, which may be affected your game. Moreover, the tennis racket automatically rotates and twists in your hand.
  • On the other hand, when your grip size is too small, it needs extra energy to hold and hit the balls, which may you to find your wrist and muscle problems when you hit the balls.
  • You may notice the development of the elbow.

Signs of Your Tennis Racket Grip Size Too Big

Now, let’s check out the following sings the extra-large grip size. So many tennis players think that a too big size grip is oversize, but they are wrong. An oversize tennis racket is a measurement that’s it.

  • The major problem of a big size tennis racket grip is easily slipping when you shot the balls.
  • Your hand, wrist, and forearm and feel fatigued when you are playing the game.
  • You may also develop the elbow and your wrist to use a too big size tennis racket grip.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: What grip size do pro tennis players use?

A: Most of the pro players and the intermediate players use 3 or 4 3/8 inch grip sizes to get the best advantages. But it also depends on users and size, and the playing technique. Every pro player gets their own size to play the game with the rackets.

Q: What is the most common tennis grip size?

A: According to my experience, you will discover the most common grip size in the above chart. But, if you want to know the single measurement, then you can 4-3/8 inch grip size to play much better than another grip size.

Q: How large should my tennis grip be?

A: It depends on you. You can choose a custom grip size, or you can also use the most common 4 inches and 4 5/8 inches sizes to get the best practice. On the other hand, I recommend you to use the above chart to get the right size of your tennis racket grip.

Q: What grip does Nadal use?

A: Nadal is a popular tennis player worldwide. He plays with forehand technique. However, he always uses a semi-western grip to hit perfectly. I hope that you may understand answer whatever I say to you.

Final Words

So, what size tennis racket grip should you choose to play like a pro player? Well, you can choose a custom size, or you can also choose 3 or 4 3/8 inch grip sizes to get the best practice. On the other hand, you may also check out the comfort of buying a tennis racket with perfect grip size.

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