How Do You Beat A Counter Punch in Tennis? [2 Steps Need to Follow]

How do you beat a counter punch in tennisI found a couple of tennis techniques in my tennis life and my students also play technical games much well. Counter punchers are one of them. Generally, counter punchers are one of the most fearer opponents in the tennis industry I found in my tennis game as well as my students learning it very carefully.

So, how do you beat a counter punch in tennis? It is tricky to provide you an exact answer in one word. It is a learning term so you just need to get a detailed answer. Am I right? Well, I hope that you agree with me. So, let’s talk in detail about this matter so that you can easily beat the counter punch and win the match.

How Do You Beat a Counter Punch in Tennis?

It is very interesting and hard enough to beat a counter puncher when you are a beginner. However, I also struggle for it and finally improve my technique and I strongly believe that if you follow the following steps, then you can also beat the counter punchers as your opponent.

You need to do things before starting the following process: the best tennis racket for counter punchers and the learning skill. If you already have these two things, then start to learn and beat your opponent without any hassles.

Step 1: Know You Are Playing With a Counter Puncher As Your Opponent

When you are unaware that your opponent is a counter puncher, then it is hard enough for you to beat him/her. However, until you know about his/her, you should play into the same trap. Note, you must find the technique as soon as possible.

Generally, a counter puncher need not be skinny nerds and wearing thick horn-rimmed glasses. It is the first and most actionable indicator of a counter puncher. On the other hand, they must have huge serve and muscular specimens. Note, you don’t be a fool to see the appearance.

Step 2: Attack A Counter Puncher

If you have the best tennis racket for attacking players or counter puncher, then it would be easy for you to attack a counterpuncher. However, the straightforward answer is that you can attack with caution and intelligence.

When you are attacking an opponent who is a counter puncher may be dangerous things. Sometimes your opponent brings you near the net and gets the point easily when you miss the attack perfectly.

However, if you want to attack perfectly, you just need to measure 4 things successfully. At every point and the same time, you must need to apply these 4 things against the counter punchers. Which these 4 things? Let’s check out the following sections.

  1. Speed: First of all, you need to do right up your speed. Sometimes you need to become so fast and slow instantly to attack perfectly. It looks entry the opponent world. So, before attacking, you should keep in mind your speed. Experience is one of the best options to right the speed.
  2. Angles: Angles are also important to beat a counter puncher and attack perfectly. However, let’s consider the angle you will already give your opponent. When you come across the opponent, you need to think instantly that which things you apply such as forehand, backhand, and other techniques.
  3. Height of the Contact: As a counter puncher and beat the opponent, you should get the ball as low as possible. A lower ball helps the player get a high bounce and get the perfect shot.
  4. Position Your Feet for Your Contact: You should care about your foot’s position when you are beating with a counter puncher. It is much better for you if you keep your opponent’s feet deep on the court as much as possible.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: What is a counter puncher in tennis?

A: Generally, a counter puncher is aggressive baseliner tennis. A counter-puncher tried to return every ball and relies on the opponent when they are mistakes. It is also a highly technical tennis game which helps the players easily and comfortably win the match.

Q: Is Nadal a counter puncher?

A: Nadal is the complete opposite but so many tennis experts believe that he is a still counter puncher. Because he is usually running the court side-by-side.

Q: What is the best tennis racket for a counter puncher?

A: It is true that there are limitations to this type of racket on the market. However, you can choose HEAD, Wilson, and another tennis racket for the counter puncher. I hope that you may find your question answer.

Final Words

It is true that counter puncher is a hard opponent but it is also possible to beat them. The technique you may learn to spend some extra time. However, I hope that you can understand and start to practice using the above steps. Each of the steps is actionable, and most tennis experts recommend the technique.

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