How to Hit a Consistent Two Handed Backhand [Follow 6 Steps]

how to hit a consistent two handed backhandThe two-handed backhand is much popular than the one-handed. Hitting a consistent with right way helps you to bring success easier. Most of the players use two-handed backhand because of easier to play aggressively with topspin. There are couples of benefits you may discover to hit a consistent two-handed backhand perfectly.

How to hit a consistent two handed backhand? To hit perfectly, you need to follow just 6-steps which are actional, and I always follow the steps. So, are you ready to fulfill the following 6 steps? If yes, check out the below section and improve your hit even you are a very beginner.

How to Hit a Consistent Two Handed Backhand?

As you know, that two-handed backhand is much popular, even very important for the game, so you need to follow the below 6 steps properly because of avoiding the mistake of hitting and improve the technique. Whatever without delay, let’s get started.

Step 1: Try to Use The Correct Grip

Try to Use The Correct Grip

A proper grip is important to hit a consistent two-handed backhand perfectly and effectively. I highly recommend you use the Continental Grip (like hammer or holding) on your dominant hand and the Eastern forehand grip.

Note, you should ensure that your two hands together because so many beginners mistake here of separating their hands. You may make this mistake the first time, but you should get together your two hands instantly.

Step 2: Now You Should Footwork on the Two-Handed backhand

Now You Should Footwork on the Two-Handed backhand

If you ever play forehand, then it may easier for you to use. It is similar to a forehand. You can hit your backhand with an open stance or a close stance without any hassles. According to my experience, most of the players start out learning the close stance backhand.

On the other hand, a pro-level player uses an open stance depending on his shot. However, the only stance you should avoid is stepping across the body. The process is very simple to do because you can use both open and closed stance backhand.

Step 3: Backswing Process

The backswing is much important than any others option. For the two-hand backhand, it is essential to take your racquet back, rotating the body until it does rotate with your arm. Well, I found two ways to take the racket back such as:

  • Try to use a loop: If you have a loop, you need to keep the racket high before dropping it towards the tennis court to create a loop. You may find it difficult, but it is an advanced technique that helps you to hit a consistent perfectly.
  • Take your racket straight back: It is another technique that is similar to the backswing. You just take your racket straight back and point down on the court. However, I suggest you use this method when you are a beginner.

Step 4: Drop Your Racket End of the Backswing

Drop Your Racket End of the Backswing

It is important what kinds of the backswing you use in your game. However, it is also important to drop the racket head under the running ball, which comes from an opponent, and the end of the backswing enables you to swing up and throughout the ball.

Step 5: Forward Swing And Also Contact

Forward Swing And Also Contact

Once the racket drops, the tennis player will rotate above the body and swing the player’s arms forward. This process is exactly how your body actually works-colling and lowering on the backswing and also uncoiling, which you push against the court and turning your body around towards contact.

Step 6: Follow the Through

After contacting your racket head, you will remain stable and also continue to move up and forward to push the tennis ball. After that, the racket starts to move with your body, and you can easily hit the consistent two-handed backhand.

Common Mistake of Two-Handed Backhand Which You Should Avoid

Here a complete list which you need to follow to avoid some mistake in tow-handed backhand. Expert players always avoid these types of mistakes and improve their game. So, let’s check out the list below.

  • Leaning into the backswing: So many players don’t keep the shoulders level, and it is a great problem. Your shoulder should be parallel to the ground when you are swing.
  • Limiting Your Foot Position: Make sure that you are stepping in a way that allows you to transfer the weight of your body when you hit the square stance.
  • Don’t lack rotation: When you play the tennis game, you may notice that your whole body moves with your racket. So, it would help if you solely used the arms to hit the ball, leading to being followed.

Keys to  Two-Handed Backhand

The backhand is a powerful method of tennis games. However, in the following section, you discover keys to a two-handed backhand that helps you to improve your game.

  • Use perfect grip, as I mentioned in the above section. You should also check out that your hands are sweating or not. However, you should always use a grip that works against sweat.
  • Keep practice with the right swing. The backswing is very important because it helps you to improve your game and confusion your opponent instantly.
  • Don’t forget to use an awesome and control racket.

I hope that these and the above keys help you to hit a consistent two-handed backhand perfectly.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: How do you hit a powerful two-handed backhand?

A: You just need to follow the above six steps (use correct grip, footwork, backswing, drop racket perfectly, forward swing, and follow-through). These steps are actional and help you to hit a powerful two-handed backhand.

Q: How to hit a two handed topspin backhand?

A: If you want to hit a two-handed topspin backhand, that means you need to drop your racket and also end the backswing perfectly. You can follow the above number 4 step, which helps you to hit a two-handed topspin backhand without any issues perfectly.

Final Words!

I hope that you can easily hit a consistent two-handed backhand without any hassles after reading this article. All of the methods are actionable, and I personally used the above 6 methods to improve my game. You may also be happy to hear that the above six methods are also physical exercises for a good tennis player.

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