How to Install Table Tennis Net [Both Iron & Plastic]

how to install table tennis netIf you are a beginner or first-time purchase table tennis, then it may hard enough for you to set up the table tennis, especially the table tennis net. Though it is very simple to set up or installs, you need to complete some simple processes. What is the simple process or how to install table tennis net?

According to my experience, I install 4 several table tennis nets, and each of the table tennis nets is different, but the installation processes are the same. This why I think the below steps are also working for you to set up or install the tennis net easily.

How to Install Table Tennis Net?

As I told you that I provide you some simple steps that easily help you install the tennis net. Before installing the table tennis, you should collect the clip of the table tennis. However, most of the time clip is included with the products.

If you don’t find the table tennis clip with your product, you must purchase the clip. Have you collected the clip? If yes, check out the below steps to install the net. The below method is suitable for the iron net.

How to Install Iron Table Tennis Net?

Step 1: Clips Your Tennis Net

It is simple to do so don’t hesitate yourself. You may notice that the net comes with a clip, and you have to put the clip on both sides of your table where you want to install the net. There could be a string with balls several kinds of functions, which helps you to adjust the net easily. The function or structure may be available on an iron clamp net.

Step 2: Check Out the Anchor

When you clip the iron tennis net, it may 80% complete of your installation job. But you should check out the anchor, especially the clip which you did. Use your hand and try to less amount of pressure on the net. If your net is stable and doesn’t move, then you may perfectly install the tennis net.

How to Install Plastic Table Tennis Net?

Step 1: Clip the Net

Like the iron net, you need to clip the plastic net on both sides of your table; after doing that, press them and push them inside on the board. You may do it carefully because extra pressure on your table board may break down.

Step 2: Clamp Grip the Board

In the second step, you should fill-fill when you release the board. You need to clamp and grip the board and also standstill. This process is very simple, and you can easily do it. A plastic net is easier to install than an iron net.

Some Tips & Tricks

Whatever you install (plastic or iron net), you should ensure that the net is as tall as when you face the paddle. Moreover, you should also check out that the ball sufficient and equal tension throughout.

Step by step process to install a table tennis net

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: How do you put a net on a ping pong table?

A: When you purchase the ping pong table, that means now you should install or put the net. However, to put the net, you should clip the net from both sides of the table. You can adjust the clip through the ball strings of the net.

Q: How tight should a table tennis net be?

A: According to the ITTF survey, a table tennis net should be 1.83 meters (6-feet) long, 15.25 CM (6-inch) tall. Though ITTF does not specifically say the exact size of a table tennis net, however, its size depends on player persons.

Install the Table Tennis Net!

It is very easy to install the table tennis net both (plastic and iron net). You follow the upper steps to install the net. According to my experience, it takes just 2 minutes to install the net without any issues. Whatever, install your table tennis net and enjoy the game.

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