How to Set Up a Stiga Ping Pong Net [2 Steps Need to Follow]

how to set up a stiga ping pong netThe Stiga ping pong table net or tennis table net looks the same when installing or setting up the net. Don’t make it tricky because of completing 2 simple methods. Yes, you need to follow 2 steps to answer your question: how to set up a Stiga ping pong net.

Stiga ping pong table net is an essential element for tennis players. Mostly, measuring the height and clipping perfectly is a sensitive task. Don’t worry, let’s complete the setup task of the Stiga ping pong table net.

Before starting the setup process, let’s know the standard height of a ping pong table and which types of equipment you may need to use to install the net.

What is the table tennis net height (Standard height)

It depends on table size and your room size also. If you asked the standard size of your table tennis net, I suggest you standard height, which I already use. So, let’s get started.

The ping pong table shall be suspended by a cord attached to each upright post  15.25 CM heigh. Moreover, your table outside the limit of the post being 15.25 CM outside of your table line. Finally, you should apply 15.25 CM of the top playing surface.

How to Set Up a Stiga Ping Pong Net (Step by Step)

Which types of ping pong table do you have, plastic or metal? Though the process is the same to install the net for both tables, they have a little change. Before you start the setup process, you should collect clips and a perfect parallel place to set up the table net.

Watch this video to set up your Stiga ping pong table net

Step 1: Adjust the Tension of the Net (Iron or metal Net)

Note, this step is only for metal or iron net. First of all, string with the ball all kinds of structure and adjust the tension of the net. Moreover, clip the net on both sides of the table, which helps you complete the tennis net set up across the middle.

With this process, you can easily set up your Stiga ping pong table net. Note, you should carefully clip the string. Once you clip the string, that means it may not be removable.

Step 2: Setup Plastic Ping Pong Table Net

Unlike an iron or metal net, a plastic net is easier than an iron or metal net. Whatever you may notice that there are buttons on both clamps. Use your hand and press them and push them inside on the board. After that, your table net may still stay on the table.

However, try to press the board carefully. It would help if you did not press the board much pressure because of breaking issues.

After Setting Up the Ping Pong Net

Now, you should check out your task which you have done in recent time. Check out the below points after installing the net.

  • Ensure that the net is as tall as the face of the paddle.
  • Make sure the net is strong enough and stable.
  • Check out the clip to hold the string perfectly or not.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: How high should a table tennis net?

A: It depends on table and person height. However, the standard height of a table net should be 15.25 CM. Most of the tennis experts believe that the standard height should a table tennis net is 16 CM. But you can install your net to measure with 15.25 CM.

Q: Is Ping Pong Table net tricky to set up?

A: According to my experience, it is one of the easiest tasks to do. You need to follow a straightforward process to install the table tennis net. Clip the string of your net with a table on both sides. Moreover, then you need to adjust the tension net.

Set Up the Net!

What next? I tried to explain these two steps in a straightforward way, which saves your time and money. I already set up my Stiga ping pong table net to complete this process. So, without any hesitation, set up your table net and enjoy the game with your friends.

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