How to Set Up Ring Toss Game [Simple 5 Steps Need to Follow]

how to set up ring toss gameThe ring toss game is an awesome game for kids and toddlers. There are couples toss game produces in different patterns. But the setup or instruction of the toss game looks the same. But, how to set up ring toss game is a serious question.

Well, I don’t take much time to set up the game. I complete the game using 5 steps. Each of the steps I followed for my children and is truly easy and comfy to do. So, are you ready to set up your toss game? if yes, let’s get started and complete the process.

What is Hook & Ring Game?

Right or hook game is basically a string game. It hooks on a board with string, which attaches with a large metal or stainless steel hangs from the above or upper section. The ring toss game is so popular in the USA all over the country.

How to Set Up Ring Toss Game (Step by Step)

Before I am starting the tutorial to set up the game, I provide you a simple list of tools that you need to set up the game. Which types of tools? Let’s check out the below section and collect the tools before starting your toss game setup.

These hook and ring game hardware need to collect for making a DIY hook.

  • Backboard.
  • If you want to play an outdoor hook and ring game, collect pressure-treated wood.
  • Graphite paper.
  • 4 zinc screw hook.
  • Nylon string.
  • Outdoor wood screw tool.

Below elements need for making the bracket with extending pole.

  • Collect outdoor wood screw.
  • Adjustable flag pole holder which fit 1-inch pole.
  • Brown spray paint (if you want to paint).

Collect some below tools

  • Sander
  • Drill
  • Scroll saw

When you collected all of the elements, I think it is time to jump the below steps to install or set up the toss game.

How to play ring toss game

Step 1: Make Your Back Board for the Hook

There are several methods you can follow to make the backboard hook. But if you want to follow a very simple process, then let’s welcome. You can follow the below steps to make the backboard easily without spending much time.

First of all, you need to use graphite paper to track the design outline. Well, collect a square shape piece of wood (of course, collect the best quality wood). After tracing the wood with graphite paper, you should use a scroll saw to cut the boat paddle shape.

Note, you should keep in mind that your backboard must need to above at least 5-feet. Otherwise, it may occur an accident.

Step 2: Mount the Hook & the Right Toss Backboard

The second step helps you to easily and perfectly mount the hook and right. However, you can modify the DIY and ring game where you are putting it. You can mount the hook on both walls or poles without any issues. Do the below points properly to mount the hook.

  • Attach the backboard to a surface.
  • Drill the pilot hole with drill top and bottom where you want to attach the backboard.
  • Now, attach the backboard with the wall; you can use a wood screw to anchor securely.

Step 3: Attach your Made Hook for String or Ring

When you are attaching the hook for a ring or string, you should keep in your mind that you will need a space of 4-feet in the front of your backboard to swing the hook on a string. If you use your backboard in the ceiling, then you need to position and center the hook 4-feets in front of your backboard game.

Step 4: Attach Your Right to the String Perfectly

On the metal right, you should tie and string perfectly. Tie with a long nylon roof onto the eye of the hook, either in the ceiling or at the end of your PVC pipe. Are you already use a pole? Then try to apply paint four feet 3/4-inch PVC. After that, you need to bracket hang down. When you do the work, it automatically hangs down.

Overall, tier your right with the string. It may hang down at least 4-feet away from your backboard. If you don’t find the exact measurement of whatever I say to you, then you must need to do it properly.

 Step 5: Enjoy the Game

Toss ring game is an awesome choice to play both indoor and outdoor. Now, the installation or setup process is also clear to you. So, enjoy your game with this setup.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: How do you play the hook & ring game?

A: Different people play the game in different ways. However, here, I describe how do we play the game in our garden or outside of the home.

  • Stand directly at least 4-feet away from the back from the backboard and hook, which you already set up.
  • Start with an agreed-upon numbers point to win the game perfectly.
  • It is awesome when you play the game for at least two persons.
  • Finally, count the points. How? 1-point for a ringer, or 1-point when the ring hit the hook. You should count five points when the ring on the hook. This makes points called hook and ring toss game rules.
  • If you want to win the game follow the upper hook and ring game trick

Enjoy it!

The game is easy and awesome to play. When you purchase a right toss game, you need to set up the game perfectly. Whatever, you should follow the upper 5 steps properly to set up your toss game. You may also follow the instruction which the right toss game manufacturer provides you.

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