Perfect Tennis Slice Technique [7 Steps Need to Follow]

Perfect Tennis Slice TechniqueWhen you used the tennis slice correctly, it can be proved to be very beneficial. The slice shot is not only used for defense shots but also the way to finish off points. Some of the beginner and intermediate players find it difficult to slice perfectly, but as you know, it can change of pace, which can go severally through off an opponent.

If you are a beginner and wanted to practice the right slice technique, I will guide you properly. There are two types of slice such as backhand (most popular) and forehand. Both are well enough. Everything from having the right grip to use your footwork properly is crucial.

Here, my 7 steps that do help you perfectly tennis slice technique and improve your overall game. So, let’s break down the following list.

How Do You Do Perfect Tennis Slice Technique?

As you know how much important to use the perfect technique of slice in your tennis game. However, I am following 7 techniques and see improvement a lot in my slice technique. So, let’s follow the below technique without thinking more.

Number 1: Find Out a Grip That Works

tennis grip

Selecting the grip is depend on each player. Most of the players start with continental grip and see the improvement or actually work for them or not. Generally, there are two types of grip you will discover such as continental grip and eastern grip.

Moreover, the continental grip is more versatile than the eastern grip. A continental grip gives a player more accuracy when they want to perform high-level.

Grip choice is not only suitable for performing a high level of the game, but also they can go deep into the court as well. However, you will also take a short and long shot with a continental grip.

Number 2: Small Steps for Properly Set Up

small steps for properly set upSmall steps are the key with a slice. It looks like a fineness shot in a couple of ways. After using your bunch steps and get in the right position, you can finally push a good amount of power.

Make sure that your footwork is just different from a standard backhand to your slice. Note, the process is extremely working for those persons who have two-handed backhand most of the time. Generally, a slice I used for one hand, so the preparation may be different.

Number 3: Use a Proper Stance

use a proper stanceBackhand stances are for your slice is again, and it up to a person performance. However, if you are standing in a neutral stance position or standing slightly close, it will provide the right amount of balance (Not for all the players it is suitable for some of the players, you can also try).

On the other hand, to feel comfortable as much as possible, you should start in a neutral stance and tweak things slightly. This technique helps you to stand up quickly and also down quickly when you are busy in your game.

Remember, in a neutral stance; you should align your feet so that the feet are parallel with the sideline. However, you should follow this technique carefully and never rush to do it.

Number 4: Backswing


This is one of the most important sections to slice for a player perfectly. The backswing slice is different than any other type of shot. It helps the users backspin on the ball and gives the opponent different looks and confusion.

Sometimes backswing changes pace while the other times are curved. If you are a player who wants to improve lots of touches, then this technique is one of the best solutions for you.

Whatever the backswing starts with a shorter setup. You should swing the racket back and has its position higher. Keep your tennis racket a bit behind the upper head of the opponents. Note, your racket should be higher than where the tennis ball is going.

As soon as the ball bounces, your weight of body needs to be moving towards the front foot. You may don’t focus the power in this section, but you just need to focus the ball where it moves. To take a perfect shot, you should always keep your eyes on the ball.

Number 5: Perfectly The Follow & Through

No pro-level players overlook the follow-through with a backhand slice. As a racket, make contact with the person those who need to finish the shot staying with low and continuing movement from higher to lower.

After finishing this thing perfectly, your racket should be moving forward and also a little bit back.

If you want to finish the backhand slice, then you need to move in the position in your next ball. On the other hand, you should also maintain the balance is to use the off-hand.

Number 6: Are You Ready to Handling High & Low Ball?

The core difference between a high backhand slice and a low backhand slice is that players can only afford the short backswing with the high tennis ball. The goal is that the ball has a shot or a down to stay in play.

Playing with the low ball, keen bending is so important. With a lower ball, some of the players will try to pull out a drop shot while the opponents want to slice in the empty court. I know it is a difficult shot, but it is mostly the defensive shot that is suitable for your game.

However, you should need to practice several times to properly handling the high and low balls because of a difficult task.

Number 7: Slice with Forehand

Though forehand slice is not popular or important like backhand slice, it is sometimes a great weapon against an opponent. Unlike the backhand slice, you need to deal with the ball face to face when you use the forehand slice.

A forehand is also powerful besides hassle enough when you use it perfectly or not. So, I suggest you don’t use forehand slice in your game, especially when you don’t use the technique correctly.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: How do you hit a good slice in tennis?

A: If you want to hit a good slice in tennis, you should use the backhand method. It is easy to follow and maintain. So, if you want to improve the hit with a good slice, then you can check out the above section.

Q: How do you hit a low slice in tennis?

A: It is a little bit difficult to do. With a lower ball handle, you should pull out a drop shot while the opponents want to slice the empty court. You also need to balance your backhand and keep your eyes on the ball.

Final Words

It is easy to hit a slice shot in tennis, but it is also difficult to hit the slice perfectly like a pro player. When you perfectly slice, it creates huge hassle on the oppositions. However, the perfect slice is not only suitable for your game; it also helps you to improve your overall game and make the best performance.

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