Swing Weight in Tennis Racket [A Better Explanation]

Swing weight in tennis racketSwing weight in tennis racket is an important element to improve gaming performance. If you are a beginner or intermediate tennis player, then you should have a complete idea about your swing to win the game against your opponent.

The swing weight of your tennis racquet is affected by the combination of the racket balance and static weight. Generally, swing weight depends on racquet head weight. If your racquet head is heavier, that means you will get more weight than a lighter tennis racquet head. A higher-weight tennis racket provides you with extra weight and a heavy feel when you are playing the game.

You should note that the tennis racket swing weight is not measured with gram; it measures with RDC (Racquet Diagnostic Centre). However, this is very little information to understand the swing weight in your tennis racquet. So, let’s discuss this in detail.

Swing Weight in Tennis Racket Means

Before starting the detailed information about the swing weight of a tennis racket, I want to clear you, what is the swing weight? As you know from the introduction, swing weight measure with both balance and static weight, you may also need to keep in mind other information.

A higher-weight head tennis racket provides more swing than a light tennis racket. So, if you want to consider a fast swing tennis racket, then you should go more heavyweight head tennis racket.

How Does a Racket Swing Weight Affect Your Performance?

Now, you have a clear concept about racket swing. It would be better for you to know the affect things of swing weight on your performance so that you can improve the performance of your game better than before.


More swing weight means more power. When you increase the swing weight, that means the power automatically increases. Similarly, a lightweight tennis racket provides less power. So, when you play your game, you may need to get a perfect power level. Am I right? If yes, then you should choose a tennis racquet which comes with proper swing weight with power.

Stability vs. Maneuverability

It is a common thing that swings weight increases stability and maneuverability. On the other hand, lower swing weight provides less stability and maneuverability. So, if you fail to choose the perfect swing weight for your game, then you may affect your performance on your game.

What Swing Weight Perfects Your Game Style?

It depends on your gaming style. So many use the best racquet for serve and volley and also play to use flat hitting technique. However, in my experience, swing weight increased mean the stability increase.

Whatever the players who have a compact, short, and wanted to cost less energy, the higher swing working much better than others. So, if you don’t want to cost the energy but get high power and increase the stability, then you can choose a higher swing weight.

Tennis Racket Swing Weight Calculator

If you are an inexperienced person about measuring the swing weight, I don’t recommend you to measure with your own. You can find an RDC (Racket Diagnostic Centre) machine to measure the racquet swing in a proper way. Note, the machine you may don’t find in the local shop because of its rear collection. But, you can search online to get the machine.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: How do you determine the swing weight of a tennis racket?

A: You can determine the swing weight of your tennis racket using an RDC machine. It is tricky to determine the swing weight because of human error and very critical math. For this reason, you can use an RDC machine to determine the swing weight level.

Q: Does a higher swing weight mean more power?

A: Of course, a higher swing weight means more power and stability. If you choose extra swing weight in your racket, that means you will get more power. I hope that you may get your question answer from this answer.

Q: Does swing weight matter tennis?

A: Tennis game is like a battle of a tennis racket and the ball. The lower swing weight means you will get lower power and stability, which may affect your game. So, you need to be careful when you are going to choose a swing weight racket.


Now, it is clear to you that the importance of swing weight in your tennis racquet. When I purchase the tennis racket, I am always careful of this term. So, it would help if you also cared about this matter when you are going to buy a tennis racket. Whatever if you have still puzzled, then you will let me know the following comment box.

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