Tennis Overgrip VS Replacement Grip [Best Comparison]

tennis overgrip vs replacement gripWhether you are just starting to play the tennis game or battle it out on the international circuit, tennis grips are extremely indispensable for you. For someone who probably knows about tennis game, they know that there are two types of grip such as:

  • Overgrip
  • Replacement grip

However, both grips have some pros and cons. This article will serve as a good guideline so that you can easily understand these grip’s pros and cons or differences. After reading the article, you will also understand to switch one grip to another or not. So, let’s discuss this in detail.

Tennis Overgrip VS Replacement Grip

The easiest way to get different of these overgrips and replacement grip is face value. When you buy a racket, you may get ready-made grips with the racket.

However, when the grip is used to replace, and its factory grip is known as a replacement grip. The replacement grip is a different texture and feels. Generally, replacement grip is so popular on pro players.

On the other hand, the grip you use to cover the replacement grip is also called overgrip. Whatever, let’s discuss and find out the detailed difference between these grips. Let’s go.

1. Texture and Materials of Replacement Grips

The material is used purely synthetic, which is used in replacement grip. Generally, I used a Gamma High Tech replacement grip. This grip is awesome around the scores. A replacement grip material and texture is much strong and soft than an overgrip.

2. Texture and Materials of Overgrip

Mostly an overgrip is made with hot and humid conditions of Atlanta. Moreover, an overgrip is used to absorb high content of moisture in the atmoshapre. When you use overgrip, you feel very dry and comfy.

You may often see this type of grip in the pro player’s hand. However, it is one of the best choices for the person whose hands always sweat a lot in hot weather or winter. Overall, I feel comfy and dry when I used Tourna Grip Overgrip.

3. Using A Replacement Grip

Are you a casual person and live in a place where there is less moisture in the air? Then a replacement grip is one of the best choices for you. Though the grips are using vary from person to person or player to player, I don’t see any issues to don’t use a replacement grip.

4. Using An Overgrip

It is a grip that is to cover the replacement grip and make the grip last longer even long-time use the grip. You may never avoid an overgrip when you live in extreme humidity and a hot area. You must need to use an overgrip when your hand is sweat a lot.

However, I am using an overgrip for around 2-years in the warm season, and when winter comes, I will use a replacement grip. I hope that this change helps you a lot to use the grip perfectly.

How to install an overgrip on a tennis racket?

5. Financial Advantages of Using Overgrip

Which one should you use, replacement grip or overgrip, to save the cost? According to my experience, overgrip is less costly than replacement grip.

Generally, overgrip comes in three-pack, and they cost almost a fraction of that a replacement grip. However, if you want to save your cost, I recommend using overgrip for your tennis game.

6. Should I Use Tennis Overgrip, Or Do Pro Players Use Overgrip?

No doubt, you can use overgrip. Even I always suggest my users use overgrip for their tennis game. On the other hand, a pro player also uses an overgrip because of the international circuit exposes.

Moreover, they use overgrip for different playing conditions so that they can easily avoid decrepit tedium blisters and sore hands. Finally, when they use overgrip, it automatically reduces the injury and increases the durability, good experiences, and get maximum comfort.

Can You Use a Replacement Grip As an Overgrip?

The straightforward answer is yes; you can do it. You could virtually use any kind of grip as an overgrip. But here is a problem. When you use the replacement grip as an overgrip, then your grip really thick enough. So, if your question looks like, “Can I use overgrip as a replacement grip?” Then I think you should avoid this type of working thing (if possible).

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: When should I replace my tennis grip?

A: It depends on how often you play the game. However, it is one of the best options for you if you change the grip after 2 to 12 months. Moreover, a leather grip is usually less change than a synthetic grip. If I make it hours, then you should change it after 10 to 40 hours later.

Q: What is grip tennis?

A: Tennis grip is a long trip of materials wrapped around the racket’s handle. It is used for comfort, dry, and long-time play tennis. There are two types of tennis grip such as overgrip and replacement grip.

Final Verdict

I hope that the tennis grip vs. replacement grip comparison helps you to find out the difference easily. You can use overgrip for best practice. Or if you already replace the grip users, you can also switch replace the grip to overgrip.

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