What Are Considered Tennis Shoes? [3 Things Need to Follow]

What are considered tennis shoesI firmly believe that every tennis players are different and their playing style also different from others. Therefore, it is important for you which types of tennis shoes you are going to choosing for your tennis game—choosing the right tennis shoes to boost your performance and provides the best performance of your game.

So, what are consider tennis shoes you need when you are buying or selecting a tennis shoe? Well, you need to check out several factors, such as the types of your playground, your feet, and your game style.

Are you confused about these three steps? If yes, I suggest you keep reading the following steps so that you can consider the best tennis shoes for you.

What Are Tennis Shoes?

Generally, a tennis shoe is designed for the player, which provides:

  • The best grip or traction.
  • Support.
  • Comfort when the players are busy playing on the court.

I found different tennis shoes on the market which are also suitable for different areas of tennis playing.

How can You Pick a Tennis Shoe?

What Are Considered Tennis Shoes?

Before you consider a tennis shoe, you need to consider three things: your playground, feet, and gaming style. However, let’s break down these three things with detailed information without delay.

1. Your Playground of Tennis Game

It all about the outsole that means your tennis hoe solely plays a core role in your playground. However, I found three different courts that are much popular, and I hope you may also belong to this three-to-one court.

Hard Tennis Court Outsoles Shoe

Hard court is so popular for tennis players, and most of the time, they play the game on this court. This court demands durable sole shoes for better performance. However, most tennis hard court shoes feature a modified herringbone pattern to provide perfect grip or blend on the court.

If your tennis court is hard court, you need to collect a tennis shoe that provides you extreme support on this court. Note, if you want to choose a tennis shoe for your hard court, then you must need to consider durable, strong sole, and comfy shoes.

Clay Tennis Court Outsoles Shoes

Though the Clay tennis court is not much popular, it also plays an important role in a tennis game. However, a Caly court shoe will usually design with full herringbone treated pattern, which can increase your grip and make the game awesome to play.

It also needs better traction for secure movement forward and backward. However, you may consider a better traction shoe if you want to choose this court tennis shoe. You may be happy to wonder that you can make your shoe for Clay court using traction.

Grass Tennis Court Shoes Outlsoles

You may know that grasses are softer than your feet or your shoe sole. For this reason, this type of court demands a soft sole that doesn’t destroy the grass and the court performance. Tennis experts also recommend that you wear the right shoes when you are thinking of playing on the grass court.

On the other hand, you need to consider a sole which avoids slip condition because the grass is slippy, especially after rain or when the grasses are wet.

2. Measure and Check Out Your Feet

Every player has different feet and different measurements. Some of them have wide feet, some of the medium, and some of the feet are narrow. Which types of feet do you have? If you don’t know your feet size or measurement, then follow the below steps properly, and I think you can easily measure your feet.

How to Measure Your Foot Right Way (Step-by-Step)

  • Step 1: Take a hard piece of paper and keep it on the floor.
  • Step 2: Wear the socks on your foot which you plan for playing the tennis game and now stand one foot on the paper.
  • Step 3: Keep your whole body weight on the paper, and now you may notice that your feet shape may change. Now drow your foot on the paper roundly. You can use a pen to mark the paper.
  • Step 4: Don’t forget to measure vertically down the length of your foot tracing. And this is the foot length you found.
  • Step 5: After that, measure your feet horizontally across the widest part of your foot tracing. And this is your foot width.

Follow these 5 steps before considering a tennis shoe. Always remember your feet’ length and width when you buy the shoe.

3. Your Tennis Playing Style

Consider a tennis shoe based on your tennis playing style. Here, two types of tennis style which I found which used 80% of tennis players. Such as:

Baseline Tennis Player

  • According to my experience, a baseline player basically play backline on the court.
  • If you are a person who is a baseline tennis player, then you should consider a shoe that provides you lateral court.
  • A high-quality and durable shoe is also needed for a baseline tennis player to support the lateral motion.

On the other hand,

Serve & Volley Tennis Players

  • A serve and volley tennis player frequently charges their tennis court net.
  • When serve and volley tennis players play on the court, they use the back foot on the court. If you want to play a game like a serve and a volley, you don’t need to consider high-quality sole, but you must consider the best shoes.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: What classifies as a tennis shoe?

A: A tennis shoe typically more flat than a normal shoe. It specially designed for tennis game and also focus on the sole. You may notice that other shoes are thicker, used normal shoes, and also different in their shape.


Tennis shoes are much important for tennis games. No one plays well without the best tennis shoe on the game. So, it is important to choose a tennis shoe which full-fill all of your requirements and the above things. Overall, you just need to follow step by step process, and I strongly believe that you can choose the best one.

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