What String Tension Do Pros Use? [5 Pro Players String Tension]

what string tension do pros useTennis string and tension is a vital part for a tennis player. It helps the players beat with his/her opponents properly and win the matches. But, it is true that maximum tennis players keep in the same string and never judge the depth level of the string tension, which mistake does not do the pros (professional) player.

So, what string tension do pros use? Generally, the tension range should be between 40 to 65-lbs. Some of the pro players use custom tension to get the best practice. On the other hand, pros string players to keep string their racket as low as possible to control the power and the balls.

Whatever you should know deeply about the string because of improving the playing conditions. So, keep reading this article and get a clear concept about the string and tension.

What String Tension Do Pros Use?

As you know that most of pro tennis players use 40 to 65-lbs tension to get the best performance, but they also use custom tension and string. However, the pro players always keep in mind to get the right string for them. So, if you want to choose perfect string tension like a pro player, then I think you should keep reading the following sections.

But before starting the buying guide of the best string tennis racket with tension, I highly recommend you to check out the following table to check out the pro’s players’ string and tension so that you can clear your confusion about this matter.

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Here are the 5 top-rated tennis players and their string tension. They are now playing well, and you can take an idea from their string tennis.

Low String Tension

Generally, you will find low-string tension tennis rackets which size is 40 to 50 lbs. Most of the pro players choose this string because of the following reasons such as:

  • More comfort
  • Less control
  • More spin
  • More feel
  • And more durability

Whatever before buying a tennis racket to choose the right string tension, you should try a tennis racket and take some shots. It helps you understand how much power, control, sting, and tension you need for your game.

According to my experience, low string tension provides more spin and more comfort than other types of string. So, if you think that you are not clear which string tension you need to choose, then you can try low string tension.

High String Tension

High string tension is the opposite of low string tension. Generally, a high string tension comes with 55-lbs to 65-lbs. I never advise any kinds of players to go up to 60-lbs string tension because of several harmful things. You may find a high string tension such as:

  • Less power
  • Less spin
  • Less durability
  • More control
  • Less comfort
  • Less feel

So, it would be better for you to avoid high string tension if possible so. Or if you just need to use high string tension, then you should not go up to 60-lbs.

Find Out the Right String Tension for You

Choosing the right string tension varies from person to person and racket to racket. If you are a new person and don’t have any ideas about the tennis racket string tension, then you can copy a pro player to get a better experience.

A beginner tennis player indeed needs much time to understand which string Tennison he/she feels better to play. So, if you choose a string tension from the pro player, you may gradually understand which string tension you may need to use.

However, if you are still confused about choosing the right string and tension, I recommend using 50 to 55 lbs string and tension to get the best performance. Are you still confused about this matter? Then you can let me know in the following comment box.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: What string tension do pro tennis players use?

A: Most of the pro players used 50 to 55 lbs string and tension. Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, and other pro players use this string tension. So, you can also choose any of the string tension between 50 to 55 lbs.

Q: What tension does Rafael use?

A: You may know that Rafael Nadal is a pro-level player as well as popular. However, Rafael Nadal uses 55-lbs string and 55-lbs tension. On the other hand, he is using the Babolat Pure Sero tennis racket, which comes with the best option to get the perfect string.


No doubt, the string is an important thing for a tennis game. If you are a player of tennis, then you may also know how much important it is. Whatever, you should also choose the right string tension to make performance better in the game. If you don’t know about the string, then you can copy it from any pro player string tension. I hope that you enjoy this article a lot.

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