Which Tennis Ball Bounces the Highest [Practically Tested]

which tennis ball bounces the highestThere are couples of tennis balls you may discover, but it is tricky enough to calculate each ball’s bounce rate. That’s why you should keep in mind some tennis balls which bounce the highest. Which tennis ball bounces the highest? The question is now a hot topic for every tennis player, especially beginners.

In this article, you will know some ball names and compare things which helps you to understand the bounce rate. Let’s move ahead and check out the highest ball bounce and clear your confusion about this topic.

Which Tennis Ball Bounces the Highest?

You are coming here, which means you want to know the ball name that bounces highest. Am I right? If yes, don’t waste your time follow the below section to know the ball name.

1. Golf Ball Bounces the Highest

You may think that a golf ball is not perfect for a tennis game. But you’re mistaken. According to my experience, a golf ball highly bounces than some other tennis ball. Of course, golf balls are used for tennis games (not of all).

Generally, a tennis ball bounces 18 inches, but a golf ball bounces 36 to 37 inches. A golf ball constructed with high elasticity that’s why it bounces high.

2. Slazenger Tennis Ball

According to my experience, a Slazenger tennis ball also bounces the highest. I drop this ball on the tennis ground, and I see that the ball bounces are better than Wilson ball. So, you may say that it is another tennis ball which bounces highest.

3. Wilson Tennis Ball

in 2015 Wilson tennis ball has been named the “aus-open” and is also a ball that produces bounce the highest. But the average bounce rate of this tennis ball is less than Slazenger. But, I do not doubt that the balls are bounces the highest.

 Bounce Rate Compare of Slazenger Vs. Wilson Vs. Pethaven

As you already know, Slazenger can provide the highest bounce rate than these two others Wilson and Pethaven tennis ball. Slazenger is used more elastic for more bounces. If you want to collect the best tennis ball that provides you the highest bounces, you can collect a Slazenger ball.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: Do heavier ball bounces highest?

A: When the balls are falling on the ground, the weight is the same for every ball. But a heavier ball bounces highest because it produces more energy when hit the ball on the ground. So, your straightforward answer is yes, a heavier ball bounces highest.

Q: Does topspin make a ball bounce higher?

A: The spin affects the ball vertically and impacts the speed. Topspin tennis ball creates an airflow force whatever topspin ball bounces faster and provides higher bounces without any hassles.

Q: Do a new tennis ball bounces higher than an old tennis ball?

A: A tennis ball bounces when it creates pressure inside of the ball. Generally, an old ball frequently loses its capability to create pressure and doesn’t produce the bounces like a new one. So, it is a common thing that a new tennis ball produces more bounces than an old tennis ball.

Final Verdict

Bounce is an important factor because it creates an impact on your tennis game. Two tennis ball types pressure highest than another tennis ball, such as Slazenger and golf ball. But Wilson and Pethaven are also producing enough bounces.

I recommend you to collect the Slazenger ball when your first priority is the highest bounces ball.

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