Why Are Tennis Courts Blue [In-Depth Research]

why are tennis courts blueAre you a tennis player?  If yes, you may see that the tennis court is blue. Wherever you want to play the tennis game, you will find out a tennis court is blue in color. But why the tennis court color is blue?

In the very past of 2005, the tennis court color was not fixed for any country. But after 2005, U.S open every tennis court color blue, and after that, Australians open the tennis court color blue. Finally, all tennis courts globally followed.

But what is the reason to make the tennis court color blue? So many people also wonder to see every tennis court color blue. That’s what I’ll go through in this article.

Why Are Tennis Courts Blue?

Well, after my research and taking the information from tennis expert, the courts are below because it provides the right contrast with a standard tennis ball. For this reason, it easier to see. It is not only easier to see for players but also spectators, press, and television.

Without these reasons, I also found some other important factors that help you understand why the tennis courts’ colors are blue. So, let’s discuss this in detail.

1. The Evolution of Tennis Court Colors

The tennis game is the natural surface like grass and clay, which are pretty much stuck with a distinct color of the court. Generally, grass colors are green, and red clay colors are red.

When the tennis expert first designed the hard tennis court, they thought that players always played tennis in the field, and the field was full of grass. The grass colors are green, and it was awesome to make the court color green. Their thought is amazing. Right?

But the idea was wrong.

The tennis ball’s color was yellow-green, and it was dangerous for the player because the ball and player’s eye didn’t connect properly. On the other hand, television persons thought that if the color was changed, then they saw the ball became more jump.

That’s when the purple and blue courts first start to become a possibility.

2. Making the Tennis Spector Friendly

Not only for tennis games but also for every game that the games are spectator friendly. You may know that a tennis ball travels 100 miles an hour during only one point, which is complex for fans to follow at the same time.

To solve the issues, the spectators were starting to research to make things a little easier. They used different colors and practically saw which colors are best. They finally find the blue color, which is one of the best choices for all.

On the other hand, tennis started running into a similar situation like hockey with game translating on the television. However, the tennis ball is hard to follow at the same time when the court color is green.

So, make a hard tennis court spectator-friendly, the tennis experts and the television persons made the court blue.

3. How Us Open Blue To Be The Court

Tennis court colors

The blue color of the tennis court does not come certainly. In the very past, the tennis court has green, purple, and some other colors. The court becomes below because of several facilities, tournaments, and everyone in the process.

A survey was done by California Sports Service (CSS) looked for perfect colors that would not be suitable for the players and on television. The first time, they found a blue-purple color court, but after coming yellow-green tennis ball, they contrast and not suitable for play the game.

Finally, they select Panton blue 2965 U, which is also known U.S tennis court color.

The color is awesome for both athletes and spectators or television telecasts. Now, around the world, all courtesies are using this color for their courts.

4. Branding

From early August to September U.S open the biggest tennis game. In the few weeks leading up to the main event of the tennis game. Each of the courts of the U.S tournament colors is blue, which the CSS found out.

However, this a calculated effort that helps the tournament authority branding perfectly.

When the causal viewers realize the colors, they instantly realize that the tournament is U.S open series. Though other countries also use the same color, the user’s mind instantly picks the color and the country name.

Green and red colors are falling out of style, and most of the park, pool area, and other sides are colored by the blue U.S.A and other side countries.

But Australian tennis court colors have some differences. Though they use blue color, their blue color is light and doesn’t match perfectly with U.S blue colors. But this Austrialian color is much popular in Asia and Australia.

Watch this video for further information

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: What is the best color for a tennis court?

A: The blue color is one of the best colors for a tennis court. The California Sports Service found that only Panton blue 2965 U is suitable for a tennis court. But when you go to Australia and Asia, you will find the tennis court light blue color.

Q: When did the US open change to blue courts?

A: In 2005, the USA open a change to blue the courts. They made all of the tennis courts blues after 2005 years. But it is only for the USA. Outside of the USA countries, they made the tennis court blue after few years.

Q: Why are tennis courts blue and green?

A: Blue colors help the athletes, viewers, and spectators comfortably maintain the game. When the color is blue, the ball easy to telecast and also easy to keep watch for the audience. On the other hand, the green color of the tennis court provides a natural design for spectators, athletes and easy to telecast.

Final Words

A long time ago in Australia made the court green and its contrasts between ball and tournament. But after they found the reason, they made the tennis court blue. You may also know the reason for the blue color of the U.S tennis court.

I hope that the article helps you to understand the main reason for this topic. This study also helps you to increase your tennis knowledge and improve your game conditions. If you have any questions, you may let me know in the below comment box.

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