Why Is a Tennis Net Lower in The Middle [Proven Reasons]

why is a tennis net lower in the middleWhether you are a beginner and want to play tennis like professional players, that means you need to use the standard height of the tennis net. A tennis net is enough to make the adventure professional, fun, and challenging.

If you don’t install or set up the tennis net with a perfect height, that means you don’t play the game like professional players. It doesn’t matter how much power you have or any skills you have. So, you may understand the importance of standard tennis net height.

How tall is a tennis net in the middle? However, the standard tennis net dimension set by ITF (International Tennis Federation) the tall or height is 42-inch (106.5 CM). Moreover, the post and heights of 36-inches (91.5 CM) in the center.

Why Is a Tennis Net Lower in the Middle?

You may know that the pole of the net is not wide enough to be the same height through its length, and the tension is also not enough. That’s why the tennis net lower in the middle.

This is the physical reason for the tennis net lower in the middle, but there is also a tactical one.

What is it?

Just like in basketball, where the corner three is the closest spot. Moreover, the net hit a three-point at the same time. But it is also the hardest angle to shoot from.

Moreover, the net-like in track and the field where the inner lane is the closest one to finish. But the curvature is also the toughest enough to run on. That’s another reason to make the tennis net lower in the middle.

What Is the Height of the Net in Table Tennis (Single Vs. Double)?

There are two types of court single and double. In this section, you will get two different standard heights of a tennis net. So, let’s check it out.

1. Singles Net

Generally, a single net is narrower than a double net. The height of the tennis net at the end is 3 1/2 feet. This height of a singles tennis net is not different in the U.S. So, wherever you will go to play tennis, you may find this height.

2. Double Net

A double net is higher than a single net. The height of this net is 3 1/2 feet from the end. If a singles net matches for playing, then sticks are used to keep the net at the same height as if you were using the single net.

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What can You Use For Tennis Net Height Checker?

According to my experience, I found several tools to check out the height of the tennis net. But I used a tape measure to measure the exact height of my tennis net.

However, I rotate 8 different rackets, and I measure the net height within 1-inch of any of the rackets, and some of them are extended. Moreover, on most nets, the tied nets are close to 40. However, you can use a tape measure for measuring your tennis net height.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: How high should a tennis net be in the middle?

A: The straightforward answer is 3-feet. The tennis court is divided into two because of the tennis net with the poles. The height of the poles should be 3.5-feet and 3-feet in the middle of the court. So, you should need to maintain this standard high.

Q: Are pickleball and tennis nets the same height?

A: A pickleball net is lower than a tennis net. Moreover, the length of the pickleball net is 36″ at the end, and the middle length is 34″. And the tennis net height is 3-feet which is large than a pickleball net.

Final Thought

Now, it is clear to you that the standard height of a tennis net and clear your question are the reasons for a tennis net lower in the middle of the court. I discussed two main reasons for the tennis net lower in the middle section, and I hope you can get a clear concept.

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