Why Table Tennis Racket Is Red And Black? [4 Core Reasons]

why table tennis racket is red and blackYou may often wonder why the table tennis racket is red and black. Generally, table tennis racket, one side is black, and another side is read. Why they have not other colors? Is it important to keep these colors in a table tennis racket? Let’s explain your questions deeply.

For fairness in a tennis game, a table tennis racket must need to be black and red so that the audience and opponent can know the game you are playing for transparency. Moreover, red and black bring attention from the audience, which other colors don’t bring.

However, it is complex to answer your questions just by saying yes or no. Let’s discuss in detail and find out the core reasons for racket black and red.

Why Table Tennis Racket Is Red And Black?

I found a couple of reasons that help me understand why the tennis table color red and black. In the following section, you will discover all of the reasons to understand the reasons easily. So, let’s get started.

1. The Functionality of Black & Red Rubber

The function of red and black rubber has some different things. You will discover one side with an inverted rubber and another sidelong pimple rubbers represented by black and red for a table tennis game.

When you play the game with these rackets, you may easily understand that the racket’s rubber kills the fast speed, while the long pimple is capable of increasing the friction. And it is easy to spin the ping pong ball.

So, the red and black color is important for your ping pong game because of its functionality.

2. Audience Attention

Ping pong game experts believe that when the ping pong rackets are made with red and black colors, it brings lots of attention than other colors. Moreover, it helps the users easily focus on the game, which helps their eyes peace.

3. What Make ITTF Ultimately Stipulate Such Rule?

I strongly believe that it is all for Cai Zhenhua if you want to know why then I need to go back to Cai Zhenhua, a man of a great person who is a former table tennis player from China.

He was an expert and fasted ping pong player. He could easily move this racket from one side to another side without any delay. At the same time, he used the same color on both sides, and every opponent who played against him thought that he cheated with them.

It was also thinkable for ITTF, and they decided that the ping pong rackets were made in two colors, and after their study, they decided that the ping pong rackets were made in two colors, such as red and black.

4. More “Transparency” to Play the Game

More fairness in the game and ping pong tennis racket must need to be red and black in color. It helps the audience to understand what you actually played. It is also helpful for opponents for understanding to know the direction.

On the other hand, the ITTF technical manual said that the thickness of the rubber sheet of the ping pong tennis racket must not exceed an excess of 4.0mm. And the other colors should black and red. Whatever you can also use different rubber on both sides without maintaining any rules.

Why Is a Ping Pong Racket Color Red & Black?

Why Are There 2 Colors on a Ping Pong Paddle (History)?

The main purpose is to distinguish the rubber used by an opponent during the game.

Before 1983 the ping pong players use different rubbers and the same colors for better and different performance. For example, the players use one side long pimple rubber and another side inverted rubber, but both colors are the same.

But this method is truly frustrated the opponent, and they thought that it was cheating. In this situation, the players didn’t play the game comfortably and didn’t make performance better.

Therefore, in 1983, ITTF told the ping pong racket one side red and another side should be black. Since 1983 ping pong racket color is red and black, and you can also say that it is an international rule.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: Why is ping pong bat red and black?

A: The straightforward answer is to make the game more enjoyable and equal for all players. Moreover, a ping pong racket color is red and black because of audience attention, more transparency, and it is a rule of ITTF. There are couples of reasons you may find online, but these are core reasons.

Q: What is the difference between red and black table tennis?

A: There are some differences I notice when I play the game. However, for more speed and less sensibility, the pro players use red color. On the other hand, when the players need a higher grip, they use the black color of the ping of the racket.

Q: What are the two official table colors in table tennis?

A: According to ITTF, the table tennis racket color must be red and black. You may always see that the table tennis racket color red and black. Both colors should be bright because of several factors.

Final Words!

If you are a beginner or pro player in a table tennis game, then it is your responsibility to know each of the information about this game. However, I hope this article helps you understand why the tennis color is red and black easily.

The red and black color of the ping pong racket is not only for local players but also for international players. So, always try to play the game with these colors table tennis racket.

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