Why Tennis Balls Are Sealed In Cans [Scientific Reviews]

Why Tennis Balls Are Sealed In CansWhether a game of tennis is played on the ground, park, or even tennis playground, every ball comes perfectly pressurized in a container. All most tennis balls are similar to open from a canned beverage. While most of us don’t know why tennis balls are sealed in cans or come in a can?

Are there are specific reasons? If yes, then what are the reasons? I researched the ins and outs of this question, which I will go through in this article.

Why are tennis balls sealed? To make them perform better, a tennis ball pressurized and sealed in a can. The manufacturers provide a certain amount of pressure inside each of the balls and then seal the ball inside the can. To pressure and seal the balls in a can provide you perfect bounces and stability, which is essential for beginner, mid-level, and pro tennis players.

Why Are Tennis Balls Sealed In Cans?

There are couples of reasons I found to seal the tennis balls in a can. However, the most important reason is that it makes the balls perform better. On the other hand, a can easily keep the pressure inside the balls, which is truly much important for players to perform well.

What Science Behind The Tennis Balls Pressurized?

All the tennis balls are pressurized; even the cricket tennis balls are also pressurized and then seal them. You may know that tennis is a popular sport and also sensitive for a pro-level player. Unlike the sports such as volleyball, basketball, football, there is no way actually pump a tennis ball from the air. So, a tennis ball is dead as soon as possible when you remove it from the can which you discover as a seal.

Generally, the tennis balls have 15-pounds of pressure inside of them. And a sealed can also use the same pressure (15-pounds to 17-pounds) so that it can create local equilibrium. When the balls are sealed in a can, all of the leakage issues solve and the air doesn’t come out from the can. As a result, the tennis balls live last long before coming out from the can.

When you think to buy a can of tennis ball, make sure the can is leak free and capable to stable the pressure for a long-time. If you find any kinds of leakge issues after buying the ball, you should return the ball as soon as possible.

Each manufacturer keeps much attention to pressure the balls perfectly because of several factors. However, when the tennis balls are pressurized perfectly, they bounce much higher, which helps a player to increase the game level.

How long do tennis balls last in a sealed can?

If a person cracking the seal can of a tennis ball, that means he uses the tennis ball for a few hours. The ball continuously loses its pressure and doesn’t produce much pressure like the first time. According to my experience, a tennis ball, after cracking heavily, played for around 1 or 1.5 hours.

But a pro-level player heavily uses a tennis ball for nearly 9 matches. A pro player always plays the game heavily and hits the ball from different angles. The experts believe that pro players easily play 9 matches to use a ball.

On the other hand, if you want to use a tennis ball just for your practice, you can use it until its death. The tennis balls are used in different tennis courts until the ball is not bounces perfectly and breaking ball.

Actually, the tennis ball is not dead because when you don’t use the tennis ball in your game, you can also use the tennis ball in your chair legs (reduce the noises) and you can also use the tennis ball for your dog (Dogs love to play with a tennis ball).

If you don’t use the tennis ball or don’t crack the can, you can easily keep the ball around 2-years comfortably.

How to stop tennis balls from losing their bounces?

How Can you Know Your Tennis Ball Is Death?

There are some rules of thumb I always maintain to understand the tennis ball is dead or not. However, you can check out the following signs to understand your tennis ball is dead or not.

  • When the tennis ball becomes dead, its color generally becomes discolor.
  • The ball is not pressurized perfectly.
  • The rubber of the ball totally destroy.
  • It doesn’t hit perfectly by the racket.

Saving Money on Tennis Ball

Another reason to seal the tennis balls in a can to save money. Tennis balls are one of the true necessities for a tennis player; they also decide a player’s success. So, they need so many balls for their practice and game. When the ball is sealed inside the can, the players use the balls for a long-time. Similarly, when they purchase the ball without a can, the balls don’t pressure perfectly and affect the same badly.

Though the price of a tennis ball is not much higher, it is costly for the users when they don’t buy a perfect pressure tennis ball; that’s why they need to buy several times, which may cost them.

However, you should always purchase a sealed can tennis ball because of saving money and avoiding the hassles of buying the balls repeatedly.

Pressureless Tennis Ball

What gas is in tennis balls? A tennis ball applies nitrogen gas to pressurized the tennis ball. But you may wonder to know that the pressureless tennis ball also available in the market. A pressureless tennis ball is used for beginners or only for practice.

On the other hand, this type of tennis ball is also used for cricket tennis games. However, if you are a pro player, you should avoid the pressureless tennis ball.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: Why are there three tennis balls in a can?

A: A can have three tennis balls because of players’ comfort to pick the right ball. The tennis player selects one smooth ball and another fluffy ball for best practice. The smooth ball is used for the first service, and the second one is used for heavy-duty play.

Q: Do tennis balls need to be pressurized?

A: Of course, a player needs to choose a pressurized tennis ball. A pressurized ball helps the players to improve the game condition. On the other hand, when you choose a pressurized tennis ball with a can, you will save some money. There are couples of benefits you will discover from a pressurized ball.

Final Words!

Generally, the tennis balls are sealed in a can because of pressure stability and improve the game condition. If you ever play a tennis game, you may know how much important to choose a tennis ball which is sealed in a can. However, I hope that the article is clear to you, and you may clear your confusion after reading this article.

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