Why Tennis Balls Pressurized [Practically Described]

why tennis balls pressurizedChoosing the right types of a tennis ball may be challenging for anyone, whether you’re new to the game of tennis or a skilled player. Pressurized tennis balls are the most common for every tennis player because of some extra advantages.

A pressurized tennis ball also has some disadvantages. Overall, I am discussing here the reasons for tennis ball pressurizing. Let’s check out the article and clear your confusion about this question.

What is a Pressurized Tennis Ball?

A pressurized tennis ball creates 14 PSI which is equal to three normal tennis balls. The 14 PSI to maintain the internal pressure on the ball. Generally, a pressurized ball is required for competitive matches and also ideals for several matches. The matches are:

  • Speed: A pressurized ball is lightweight and compact in shape that pressure the ball gathers speed quickly and move so fast.
  • Bounce: Pressurize ball bounces high and offers the ionic bounce, which is compatible with competitive matches.
  • Spin: If you want to get spin easily, surely you will go for a pressurized bounce ball.

Why Tennis Balls Pressurized?

A tennis ball is pressurized because of perfectly bounces and moves faster. Inside of the tennis ball pressurized, and when the ball falls into the ground, it makes energy and comes back with the faster move. It is the main reason to pressurized the tennis ball.

A brand new tennis ball pressure of around 14 PSI will retain the new ball feel on the shelf. Moreover, the can also have the same pressure 14 PSI applied to the can. Generally, a pressurized tennis ball plays 9 games without any damages issue.

After finishing 9 games, a good player understand that the tennis ball does not bounce properly like the new ball. If you feel like the same thing with your tennis ball, your ball does not create much pressure inside the ball.

How are Tennis Balls Pressurized?

When I was first heard about the pressurized tennis ball, it also made me wonder to know the tennis ball’s pressurized technique. Well, I used Wilson tennis ball. Let’s know the pressure method of pressurized tennis balls.

  • First up, the rubber shell of the tennis balls is manufactured by Wilson manufacturers. Wilson company uses Thailand’s rubber tree. After that, the rubber heated, tightened, and cut down with perfect shape.
  • Second, to solidify the shells, the balls are exposed to high temperature and pressure.
  • Third, the seams of half-shells come to be buffed and covered with adhesives.
  • After that, the half-shells are placed in a hydraulic press, and it provides 14 to 18 PSI. Moreover, it also pressurized inside the ball around 14 PSI.
  • When the adhesives curse, the shells of the ball are cool down at least 127 degrees F. After cooling down the shells it becomes 14 to 15 PSI.
  • Finally, use different colors and materials cover around the balls and ready for playing.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Question)

Q: How long do pressurized tennis balls last?

A: It is the critical answer to provide. But the tennis experts said that pressurized tennis balls last 2 to 3 weeks. On the other hand, the pressurized tennis ball is suitable for 9 matches or 3 seasons, and after that, the pressure becomes low, and the ball is not suitable for the game.

Q: Are pressurize tennis balls any good?

A: Generally, a pressurized tennis ball heavir and more durable than a normal tennis ball. They produce less spin and provides more hit facilities. Overall, a pressurized tennis ball provides you an awesome match to play than a normal ball.

Final Verdict

There are couples of balls that you can select for your tennis game, but a pressurized tennis ball is much better than other balls. Pressurized tennis balls provide quick move and fast, hot facilities you don’t find from any other balls. I hope that you have already cleared your confusion.

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