Why Tennis Shoes Are Heavy? [6 Core Reasons]

Why Tennis Shoes Are HeavyChoosing a tennis shoe is an important factor for a tennis player. It is important to choose the right weight tennis shoe because of flexibility, taking more steps, feeling comfy, jumping, and some other factors working here.

Why tennis shoes are heavy? Because more weight tennis shoes mean you can take more steps. If your shoe is 275 pounds than a lighter one, you can easily take more steps, nearly 400 steps, than a lighter shoe, which really helps you improve your game. On the other hand, A tennis shoe’s weight should be 2 to 2.5-lbs, which is universal for a tennis player.

I tried to provide you a simple idea of why tennis shoes become more weight than normal shoes. Whatever, let’s discuss in detail about this matter.

What Are Tennis Shoes?

Tennis shoes are usable for various areas such as running, gym, cricket, and other games that come with soft, comfortable, and weighty than a normal shoe. Generally, a tennis shoe weight becomes 2-lbs to 2.5-lbs for more jump and taking more and faster steps. Of course, a tennis shoe suitable for a tennis game but sometimes people use them for another purpose.

Why Are Tennis Shoes Heavy?

Different people’s tennis shoes’ weight is different. For example, kids’ tennis shoes’ weight is different than an adult person’s tennis shoes. But it is common that all the tennis shoes are weighty than a normal shoe. However, let’s check out the weight reasons right now.

1. Because of More Steps

Tennis and other games need more steps because of extreme running conditions. So, a tennis shoe made with the weighty condition so that the tennis players can easily improve their game condition and win against the player’s opponent.

However, more weight means more steps. if your shoes are up to 200 pounds than the actual weight, you will get extra 350 steps that are truly much better for your game.

2. Comfortable Elements

Weight doesn’t matter; a tennis shoe comfy. But a survey told that a weighty tennis shoe becomes more comfortable than a lightweight tennis shoe. So, you can get some extra comfort when your tennis shoe is weighty.

3. Durable

It is common that a weight tennis shoe uses extra elements than a lighter shoe. When the manufacturer is used extra elements in the proper way, that means the shoes are durable. According to my experience, a weighty tennis shoe always comes with a strong and stable sole, making the shoe more durable and lasting to use.

4. Suitable for Any Positions to Play

If your tennis court is unparallel and belongs to a rough place, then weighty shoes are one of the best options for you. A weighty tennis shoe is not only suitable for the rough and unparallel place but also suitable for any type of tennis court.

5. Taking Pressure

Generally, a weighty tennis shoe takes more pressure than a normal tennis shoe. When you are busy playing the tennis game perfectly, your feet may need extra pressure and need to control the feel, which helps your tennis shoe control and take the pressure.

But when your tennis shoes are not weighty, it may be complicated to control the pressure for itself. So, you can get extra pressure facilities when you choose a weighty tennis shoe.

6. Weighty Tennis Shoes Keep Feet Perfected & Balanced

Weighty tennis shoes protect the feet. Even when you played heavy-duty, it easily balances your feet and keeps your feet right angle. According to tennis experts, a weighty tennis shoe is perfect for a heavy-duty tennis match, even a normal tennis match, because of comfortable feet.

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Some Disadvantages of Weight Tennis Shoes

Weighty tennis shoes indeed have lots of advantages, but I also found some disadvantages too. Now, you should also know some cons so that you can be aware of weighty tennis shoes.

  1. Weighty tennis shoes take much time to wear
  2. It may also cost some extra calories.
  3. A weighty tennis shoe is truly complicated for a kid.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: What’s special about tennis shoes?

A: The most interesting thing is that you can wear tennis shoes for any kind of purpose such as jumping, gym, cricket game, running, and also use the shoes in any event. On the other hand, a tennis shoe is capable of providing maximum comfort than a normal shoe.

Q: How are tennis shoes different from sneakers?

A: The main difference is sneakers, and tennis shoes are user-experience. Generally, a sneaker is used for walking, running, etc. On the other hand, tennis shoes are specially designed for play tennis games as well as some other games.

Q: Can you wear tennis shoes every day?

A: Generally, you can wear tennis shoes like casual shoes every day without any hassles. If possible, you should avoid wearing a tennis shoe every day because of discomfort. A tennis shoe is comfortable but not for every day. It also weighty, and that’s why it may be painful for you to use it every day.

Q: Are tennis shoes any good?

A: Of course, a tennis shoe is good enough for a different purpose. But if you want to play a tennis game or some other game, then a tennis shoe is one of the best deals for you. In a word, you choose a tennis shoe for different games.

Final Words

It is not complicated to choose a tennis shoe, and you may feel weighty when you purchase the tennis shoe. Generally, a tennis shoe becomes weighty than a normal shoe. I have already discussed the core reasons with you, and I strongly believe that you love this article.

What next? You can again read the content if you don’t understand anything. Or you can also contact me to fill up the contact form, or you can also let me know in the following comment box.

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